Did you know…?

As I write this series, and all other period stories, I end up doing a huge load of research along the way.  I enjoy this part of the process quite a lot because of all the interesting little nuggets of awesome that I stumble upon.  I love finding out things that I didn’t even know I didn’t know.  Since I’m sure you will find this entertaining as well, I’m going to blog about all of my discoveries, and anything thing else Twist or Steampunk related, right here.  Enjoy!  You lucky person, you.

– Monthly Blog Schedule –

Are you an artist/writer/photographer/sculptor/gamer/poet who loves Steampunk as much as I do?   Would you like to see your work featured on this blog?  Or, do you know of someone else who’s work you adore?  Please leave a comment below with a link or two!   I’ll happily feature anything that I think will fit the style of my blog, or even anything that’s just plain awesome.

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