Howell Davis was a real life pirate in the Caribbean.

Of course my favorite time period in history is the Victorian era, but my third favorite time period (right after the deco-gorgeous 1920s) is easily 17th century in the Caribbean.  I mean, come on.  Pirates!  So, when I was building the semi-piratical crew of the Vimana, I dug into my love of true pirate history.

The real Captain Howell Davis, (or Hywel Davies) live from 1690 to 1719, (not very long, the daring rouge) and was a Welsh pirate in the Caribbean.  He’s reported to be a very clever and charming man, who was always pretending to be a legitimate privateer.  When I was building my Howell for CWTwist, I realized quickly that my character was only carrying on in the footsteps of his namesake.  So, for the purposes of my own entertainment, Arabel and her brother are the direct descendant of true pirate stock that lovely, deceptive, real pirate.  So there.


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