Offshore drilling started in the Caspian Sea?

I think it’s safe to say that the workhorse of industry in the 1870s was coal.  They used it for all those lovely steam engines, to warm their homes, and of course for the occasional charcoal drawings.  But did you know that 60 years before Henry Ford was even born, a guy named Gasimbey Mansurbeyov was drilling for oil, offshore in the Caspian Sea?  They weren’t using oil for gasoline, but Baku, the city at the heart of the oil business in Azerbaijan, was already getting rich off the profits of oil.  Go figure.

Here’s some nice photos of Baku.  It’s a neat looking city.

Oil fields near Baku

A bit of 15th century Baku.

Baku’s House of Government.

Baku today. So pretty….

(All photos are found photos, not mine.  Please click on each one to see the source)

For more information on Baku history, take a look at this.


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