The Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan.

/mrjournalist.comTalk about stunning.  Can you believe this is a real place?  This is the Tiger’s Nest (Paro Taktsang) in Paro Bhutan.  It’s a sacred Buddhists sight, but it’s also a major tourist stop.  (boy, it’s on my list of world wide must see)  I wanted to give the clockwork princess a fantastic and interesting palace, so I based the design on this place.  In my book, the princess’s palace is falling apart.  But in Bhutan, this monastery is still gorgeous.

The Tiger’s nest is considered a “hanging monastery,” of which there are several around the world.  Click here for a wonderful article on these breathtaking sites.  I purposely placed my palace in Nepal and not Bhutan because I didn’t want to say that it was actually meant to be the Tiger’s Nest.  My interpretation of the structure was only loosely based on reality.

But wow… I could just look at these photos all day.  Want a nice poster?


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