Someday, I’m so going to visit Sabang.

Located off the northern-most tip of Sumatra, on Weh Island, are the breathtakingly beautiful beaches of  Gapang, Iboih. and Pantai Kashi (love beach).  I was looking for the complete antithesis of  the gray and drizzly London that was the backdrop for the first scenes of Waking, as a location for the final scenes of the book.

When I found Sabang city, with it’s almost totally lack of British influence during the period of my book (1878), it’s lush surrounding jungles, and these gorgeous beaches, I realized I’d found the perfect place.  Not only is it a lovely place, but these islands are also pretty volcanic, making it likely that there are some good caves, hidden deep underground…

Naturally, the bits about the airship towers and the magical clockwork puppet shop (or what’s hidden in those dark caves) were not entirely based in fact.  Of course, you never know.  I haven’t been to Sabang yet.  Have you?  If so, please leave me a comment and tell me if it really is as awesome as it looks!


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