Waking is 50% off for July!!

Smashword.com is holding sales of 25%, 50%, and even 75% off on a lot of their eBooks throughout July.  Best of all, Twist is included!!  Waking is now on sale (only in the Smashwords Store) for only $1.50!  If you haven’t gotten your copy of the eBook yet, or if you want to invite someone you know to get a copy, then this is the perfect time.

Simply click here and use the coupon code SSW50 at checkout to get a copy of Waking for 50% off.  (Seriously, tell your friends!)

You’ll need a Smashwords account to buy, but it’s free and easy to set up.  Also, unlike Amazon, you can choose any eBook format you’d like, to download.  Mobi, ePub, on-line readers, and even RTF and PDF are all available for one price.  More than just Twist, there are also a lot of great deals on other steampunky eBooks.  Go check them out!   Oh, and there’s non-steamy things too I guess.

Whatever you like to read, this nice little sale is a great way to stock up on summer reading.  Goodness knows I’m not going outside until October.  I’m gonna stay in the AC, with a tall glass of iced coffee, and read for days.  Care to join me?


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