Picture Day: The art of Patrick Reilly

Patrick Reilly is an amazing American artist, who really knows his way around a kraken.   Click on any images below to see more at his deviantart page.  Also, here’s an interview with the artist on Creativend Mag.

Are you an artist/photographer/sculptor who loves Steampunk as much as I do?   Would you like to see your work featured on this blog?  Or, do you know of someone else who’s work you adore?  Please leave a comment on this post with a link or two!   I’ll happily feature anything that I think will fit the style of my blog.  And even if I don’t feature it, please please leave your info in a comment anyway!  More art is always better than less.


6 thoughts on “Picture Day: The art of Patrick Reilly

  1. The giant robot is one of the most evocative fantasy paintings I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen quite a few. But evocative of when? I respect Mr. Reilly’s back story, but my first impression was of a later fantasy period, more Dieselpunk/Pulp/1920s. But I do now note the Victorian details. Awesome in any case, like all his others!
    Thanks, Emi-T.

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