Fun with a Steampunk name generator!

Everyone loves a name generator.  Today, I decided to have a bit of fun and throw some of the Clockwork Twist characters’ names into a “steampunk” name generator and see what happens!  I found a bunch of generators online, but here’s what I got from the one on Brass Goggles.

Twist = Master Oscar Bagstock

Myra = Princess Mabel Gifford

Jonas Davis = Rear Admiral Byron Elmstone

Arabel Davis = Honourable Sarah Elizabeth Elmstone

Aazzi Rodes = Seorita Zylphia Goodenough

Philippe Rodes = Captain Royden Goodenough

Adair Quay = Corporal Geoffrey Batterbee

Idris = Sultan Gil Bleeze

Vain = Sir Larry Gosling

I picked random titles for them.  I noticed that if you leave a name slot blank in this generator, it’ll always give you “Aaron Addle” for a male name or “Abby Addle” for a female one.  So, for my single name characters (ie. Twist and Myra) I just put their names in twice.  Still, what happened with the Rodes family?  Goodenough?  That cracked me up.  But everyone’s turned British!  What’s up with that?

Indecently, I got “Madame Drusilla Belcher” when I put in my own name.  Drusilla???   And the last name sound like I had too much soda.  No no no no…  Let’s try another one.

I found another generator on  Let’s try that again…

Twist = Officer Jim Foljambe-Fitzgeoffrey

Myra = Group Captain Sally Maynwaring-Yaxley

Jonas Davis = Admiral Lewis Brumble-Damsell

Arabel Davis = Vicereine Loretta Vaughan-Lestrange

Aazzi Rodes = Air Commodore Adeline Ayresleigh-Cruickshanks

Philippe Rodes = Seaman Bill Trout-Bird

Adair Quay = Major General Ernest Golden-Barrowcliffe

Idris = Group Captain James Windham-Yaxley

Vain = Air Vice-Marshal Matthew Perryvall-Brumble

Wow, those are much more impressive sounding titles.  But wait … are Myra and Idris related?  And why do the actual family members have different names?  And why is Aazzi a commodore, while her husband is merely a seaman?  And Jonas, an Admiral?  I’ll give you a dollar if you can pronounce Twist’s last name in this list.  This time, I got “Brigadier General Marjorie Licorish-Strangewayes” for my own name.  A vast improvement on the last one, I think.

Then, of course, there’s the purely random steampunk name generators like the one on, but I don’t think that’s as much fun.  Still, you can get some silly sounding names out of it.

I know you want to have/already had a go.  What did you get?  Please post your “Steampunk name” in a comment below, with or without your real name to compare with.  Join the  silliness of the day!


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