Anyone for a game?: Tesla Death Ray

Yes, that’s right.  Tesla Death Ray.  Now, you know I love a good story and flashy graphics.  A quick scan of my blogs will show that right away.  But, that’s not to say that I don’t love a good mindless bit of fun from time to time.  This little flash game is just that: mindless, simple, and really really fun.

The game is loosely based around the mythos of my favorite emo inventor.  The art style, while simple, has a great cartoon-dystopian look.   And the sound in this game is simply wonderful.  The zaps are crisp, the explosions really pop, and the screams of your victims are hilarious.

Nice guy TeslaThe game is also very easy to play.  Simply click on the puny minions (probably Edison’s hit-men…) and watch them fry.   Then, use your winnings to make your Death Ray even more powerful and zap them all again!  Mwa-Hahahaha!!

So, whether you’re having a bad day and feel like blasting something, or just goofing around on the internet, take a second and try out this game.  It’s free, you know.  Why not?  It might just make you giggle.

Enjoy, Tesla Death Ray by NSbrotherhood!


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