Update on all things Twist, and what it’s like to write a long series.

Hello internet.  Usually on this blog, I share cool things that I find in the course of my steampunk existence or learn as a writer.  But since it’s Mother’s Day today, I thought I’d just tell you how Twist is doing.  I tend to call him “my baby” more often that he’d probably appreciate, and I love him so that I sometimes feel like a mother myself.  Don’t worry.  There’ll be more silly steamy things next week.

Since publishing Waking last year, and Trick last January, I’ve been working extra hard on finishing the first drafts of the rest of this 12 part series.  I’m getting ready to publish the 3rd book in the series later this year, and realizing that I’d like to be sure of exactly where the series is headed before I publish too much more.

Of course, I already know how I want the story to close at the end of the 12th novel, and I have copious notes on what will happen in the meantime, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve gotten there yet.  At the moment, while I write this post, I have completed writing (not editing) the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th books, along with 27 pages of the 7th.  So why, you ask, aren’t more of them out yet?  Because things in these books like to change over time.

As I write this series, I find that little details turn out to mean unexpected things as future events unfold on the page.  The events might occur just as I’d meant them to from the beginning, but sometimes the implications change.  And sometimes, I suddenly realize that I was completely wrong about a plot line and have to go in a totally different direction, while still following the same basic story line.  Some scenes that I mean to write turn out to be useless when I get to writing them, while other unexpected moments appear and surprise me by how perfectly they fit.  And sometimes (more often than I like to think) I realize that the book I just finished writing is actually a better fit for the fourth or fifth book in line, rather than the third, and I now have to write a whole other book or two between it and the last one.

With all of this flux, I hate to publish too close to where I’m writing.  When Waking first came out, I had already finished the 4th book and was half way through the 5th.  When Trick was published, I had added a different book in the 5th place, and then re-wrote the old 5th book to make it the 6th.  As long as I have about 4 books between where I’m writing and where I publish, I can feel confident that I won’t ever have to adjust anything in the published work to make the ending work.   It’s my goal, after all, is to share this story with you, in a smooth, complete, and solid form.

Are you writing a series as well?  Have you ever encountered these sorts of things?  Please leave me a comment down below if you have.  I’d love to know what you think about all of this.

In the meantime, I’m working very hard to finish the series as quickly as possible, so that I can make sure it will be the best work it can be.  In the scene I just wrote a few days ago, Jonas casually mentioned that he, Twist, and Myra had already traveled to every continent on the globe, and ventured into orbit as well.  I so wish I could tell you all about what is happening right now in the 7th book, but I must hold my tongue!  But I can promise that there are wonderful things in store for you as you follow Twist into the future books.

I hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day, however you choose to spend it!

One thought on “Update on all things Twist, and what it’s like to write a long series.

  1. I do write a series :) The Carmine Rojas novella has a sequel coming. But I didn’t plan so well as you did and the books aren’t really super interconnected. I also didn’t start on the sequel until I got a publisher for the first book.

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