Iron Giant in Brescia by Tensione16

See Tensione16‘s Deviantart page.



Picture Day: Mark Page

Today, I’m sharing the delightfully whimsical work of Mark Page.  Click any image to find out how to purchase a print!

Aren’t these lovely?  Check out Mark Page’s blog for more info on his work.

Are you an artist/photographer/sculptor who loves Steampunk as much as I do?   Would you like to see your work featured on this blog?  Or, do you know of someone else who’s work you adore?  Please leave a comment on this post with a link or two!   I’ll happily feature anything that I think will fit the style of my blog.  And even if I don’t feature it, please please leave your info in a comment anyway!  More art is always better than less.

‘First Men in the Moon’ by DesHanley

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Ex Machina by dark-spider

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Whale Whale Whale by Leashe

Check out more wonderful art by Leashe.


Check out more from Rafa Maya at Diarment Designs.


Steampunk pioneer by Larisa Glushakova

Check out more beautiful art by Larisa Glushakova.



Picture Day: Bjorn Hurri’s Steampunk Star Wars.

There’s a lot of Steampunk Star Wars images and sculptures out there.  I’ve seen some fun cosplay too.  Today I’m going to treat you to my favorite version, with the art of Bjorn Hurri.  Click any image for enlargements and source pages.




What’s your favorite version of Steampunk Star Wars?  Drop a link or an image (site the artist if you can, please) down in the comments!

And may the steam be with you.


Tesla Gunner – The Professor by Kai-S

Check out more by Kai-S on DeviantArt.


Wherever I May Roam print by Giodesigns

Check out more of Giodesings artwork at his DeviantArt page.