Steampunk, and Disney, and Marvel, Oh My!

I stumbled upon something quite interesting on Twitter, on Wednesday.  The nerdy powerhouse, Geek & Sundry started a Twitter tag chat thing (still learning my terms…) #ComicChat with writer Jim Zub, about a fun looking comic called Figment, that will be released this summer.

Doesn’t that image just inspire curiosity?  The story of this 5-part comic will center around two characters from a Disney Epcot ride, Journey Into Imagination, called Figment and Dreamfinder.  I’ve never been to the park myself, but these two look wonderfully interesting.

According to the Disney Wikia: “Dreamfinder was a character created by Walt Disney Imagineering. He created Figment, a tiny royal purple dragon made of two tiny wings, big yellow eyes, horns of a steer, the body of a lizard and a nose of a crocodile, plus a dash of childish delight. He teaches Figment about the wonders of imagination and takes riders along through all of Figment’s overdone splendors in his machine’s Idea Bag.”

As Jim said on Twitter, this comic “has an Oz, Little Nemo, fantastical steampunk approach.”  To which I reply, shut up and take my money!  As little info as there is on this comic, I’m already stoked and can’t wait to follow the adventures of Figment, the child-like purple dragon, and Dreamfinder, the “steampunk stud” as Jim called him.

Jim was nice enough to answer all sorts of interesting questions with the #ComicChat tag.  He’s a well established writer, with many a comic under his belt.  Check out his site for writing tutorials, FAQs about the comic industry, and more!  You can even read some of his digital comics on  He recommends Skullkickers.

As for the artist, Filipe Andrade has worked with Marvel on loads of different comics.  You can find more information on him on his blog.  And here’s one of my favorite images from one of his other projects.

All in all, this comic looks nothing but good.  Follow @JimZub on Twitter, or keep an eye on this blog for updates.  I’m sure I’ll be doing a review as soon as I get my own copy.


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