Suggested Reading: Echoes 2!

eBook coverAfter the success of Echoes: Neo-Victorian Poetry, we have now been gifted with another wonderful collection of poetry by JaniceT!

Once again, the works you will find in this volume are all of a classical style.  There are no confusing prose, or ostentatious turns of phrase.  These are poems that echo the more refined and understandable rhymes and rhythms of Emily Dickinson and Poe, but with JaniceT’s own unique voice.

I find that much of modern poetry is aloof and self-important, as if the work itself were looking down its nose at me with judgmental eyes, assuming that I could never truly understand its so-called greatness.  Others are so rough and simplistic as to make me wonder why it’s called a poem at all, and not simply a very short essay.  Slam poets can reach me once in a while, but usually I’m off-put by their aggressive shouts and clear intent to offend.  Either way, I always end up going back to the more inviting, delightful, and damned understandable works of old, where I can enjoy a moment of truth and beautiful melancholy with Yeats, or dance happily through the clean air with Shelly and his skylarks.

Because of all of this, I’m very happy to announce that JaniceT’s work is something anyone can easily relate to and enjoy.  She took great care and attention to give these pieces rhyme and structures that are familiar and comforting, while bringing up many new and fascinating ideas.  She writes both about the modern condition with poems about organic foods and on-line trolls, as well as venturing farther into Steampunk than before with airships and a delightful look at Verne.  All the while, you will find graceful moments of relateable human experience and true emotion.

If you’re put-off by poetry in general, or feel that you just don’t get it, then do yourself a favor and give this one poet a try.  These poems will welcome you in with open arms, and show you that this art form really is one that you too can deeply enjoy.  You were simply reading the wrong poems, all along.

Get the paperback or eBook on Amazon or Smathwords.

Get a taste for JaniceT’s work on her blog, at

Janice T’s Facebook page.


Are you an author who loves Steampunk as much as I do?   Or, are you just a big big fan of a Steampunk/Neo-Victorian author?  Would you like to see  your favorite book, or your own book, featured on this blog?  Please leave a comment on this post with a short pitch and a link!   I’ll happily feature anything that I think will fit the style of my blog.  And even if I don’t feature it, please please leave your info in a comment anyway!  Who doesn’t love new books?


Twist is going to APE 2013!!

I’m packing up my boy and heading up to San Francisco for the 2013, Alternative Press Expo!  I’ll be sharing a table with Janice T and Elizabeth Watasin, signing books and selling swag.  We’ll also be offering a Steampunk Bundle of all 4 books on offer, for a reduced price!

So, if you’re in the SF bay area on Oct 12th or 13th, come and see us!  APE looks like it’ll have a long list of fabulous artist, writers, and makers all under one roof, along with an impressive list of special guests.  Check out their site for more info.

I’m also going to try vloging again, so check on the 14th to see if I managed to do it!  Meanwhile, I designed some buttons to sell at the expo.  What do you think?  I really like the one with the top hat.three test 02

The expo will be held at Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco, CA, October 12th and 13th.  I hope to see you there!

My self-publishing journey, thus far. (Guest post, JaniceT)

I begin this post by affirming that the indie self-publishing avenue is a great medium for writers … now.  Until fairly recently, choosing to self-publish was a rather risky move, since it sent a message to readers, publishers, and agents alike that the work was not much good.   Why else would one self-publish?

Today, however, publishing your own work is a brilliant opportunity for writers of novels and poems, thanks in huge measure to the current pervasive “indie” movement.  It is also thanks to the fact that publishers could downsize your manuscript, print it on inferior paper, and put little energy into promoting it.

True, a good publisher or agent might do all the marketing legwork for you, and they might reach a wider audience,  but there is no guarantee.  I know authors who were exhilarated to be signed on by an agent, only to be blatantly ignored   thereafter, as if they had become merely an item in their agent’s collection.

The agent/publisher situation for poets is even more dubious.  Finding an agent who will represent a poet is very difficult, and approaching a publisher without an agent is usually a futile endeavor.  I did consider the agent/publisher route, until it became apparent that, as a poet, I would derive no benefit from either.

As a self-published writer, I am able to control the process, the product, and its distribution.  I enjoy the freedom to price my work at a more reasonable rate in order to get it out there.  I get to choose who edits my book, and I have a huge say in whether I will comply with what I may consider a bad edit.

Self publishing also requires that one do the legwork in marketing and distribution.  With such a wealth of social media available, this is proving to be easier and easier to do.  Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads are just a few of the resources that I use, as well as the personal “word of mouth” technique.

As I noted in an earlier post, Adventures in marketing, other self published authors and poets can be an invaluable help in promoting your book.  I joined a Facebook group of authors who I met at the Clockwork Alchemy Convention.  I can promote my book there, read their work, ask advice, and share in the wisdom that we are all gleaning.

The San Francisco Writer’s Conferences is also a wonderful resource.  It is well attended each year by representatives from all aspects of the writing world.  I met Dan Pointer, who is considered by many to be the grandfather of self publishing, at that conference.  He wasn’t feeling well  at the time, and yet he spent hours answering my questions and listening to my concerns about self publishing.

I have also received tremendous help from Emily Thompson.  Her generous and time-consuming work on my book cover art and interior design, as well as her insistence that I publish my verses, are what brought Echoes into being.  I literally could not have done this without her.  Having recently self published her novel, Clockwork Twist, she was well versed in teaching me these new ropes and accomplishing such a wonderful volume.  Thank you, Emily!

As for my first self published book, Echoes, Neo-Victorian Poetry, it is prominently on display in a local shop, listed in many  online venues, and will soon to be available in yet another local shop.  To date, it has been purchased in England, as well as here in the States, and gifted in Europe.   So, there you go.

Janice T is a self-published poet.  Check out her blog at

Her book “Echoes: Neo-Victorian Poetry” is available on Amazon, Kindle, and Smashwords.

Visit her Goodreads, Twitter, and Facebook Page.

Interested in guest posting on this blog?  Please write to clockworktwist(at)gmail(dot)com to apply.

Books and Fashion!

Had a little book singing and a camera. Stuff ensued.

Music: Hooligan by Hybrid

Janice T’s poetry :

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Come to a Steampunk gathering in San Jose, for First Friday!

That’s right, I’m going to be featured as a local author at a First Friday event!


As a huge fan of the local SJ art scene, I’m over the moon to have become a part of it.  If you’re new to San Jose (or aren’t from the area at all) First Friday is my very favorite thing about my hometown.  It’s a big art party that fills the streets (1st street, anyway) with live art, vegan eats, great music, and makers galore on the first Friday of every month.

Sometimes it’s more sedate with only the galleries open late and a few die-hard artsy types hunched over their take-away cappuccinos as they brave the winter winds to see the latest local inspiration, and sometimes it’s a carnival of creativity, color, and chaos that falls over downtown San Jose like a magical dream.  This time, it looks like it will be fantastic!

And this time, Sept 6th, I will be present not only as a fan, but as an artist myself!  *faints from the shock*

And my Mom will be there too!   We’ll both be set up at the Discover San Jose store, from 7 to 9pm, signing our books in the middle of a steampunk soiree.  So, if you love local art, steampunky goodies, a good read, or even just want to snatch some free tea and biscuits, then grab your top hat, strap on those goggles, and come fraternize with the local color before you trot off to enjoy the rest of the evening’s delights.  We might even be persuaded to do some readings here and there…  (I’ll give you $5 to read my book for me)

You can find directions to the store here.  Once again, this will be happening on Friday Sept 6th, from 7pm to 9pm.  After 9, I’m skipping off to catch the last of the artsy stuff as well.  Hope to see you there!

Suggested Reading: Echoes, Neo-Victorian Poetry

If you’re as tired of shallow and pretentious prose as I am, then take a taste of these good old-fashioned, solid, rhyming poems. This lovely little volume will add a touch of class to any library with nearly everything written in iambic pentameter!  And, most important of all, it was written by my mommy.

Janice T is an amazing modern poet who breaths new life into the classic style.  She loves to brag that she’s been writing poetry since she was 11!  The works in this book really have that fermented feeling to them, just like a lovely glass of well aged wine.  You may have also noticed, that one of her poems starts off Clockwork Twist : Waking…

While all of these poems are new and fresh, when I read her work I hear echoes of the great English romantic era poets. Each poem — from the inspiring pace of Train of Thought to the clever satire of Emery — is like taking a vacation from the hectic and hyper-trendy world we live in, to bask in an oasis of clarity and thoughtful repose.

Get the paperback or eBook on Amazon, Creatspace, or Smathwords.

Give it a quick look at the Goodreads page too!

Janice T’s Facebook page.


Are you an author who loves Steampunk as much as I do?   Or, are you just a big big fan of a Steampunk/Neo-Victorian author?  Would you like to see  your favorite book, or your own book, featured on this blog?  Please leave a comment on this post with a short pitch and a link!   I’ll happily feature anything that I think will fit the style of my blog.  And even if I don’t feature it, please please leave your info in a comment anyway!  Who doesn’t love new books?