Suggested Reading : Model A (comic)

Have you ever laughed yourself silly watching an old Charlie Chaplin, or Buster Keaton clip?  Do you own robot toys?  Do you still watch Looney Tunes and giggle more than your kids do?  If you answered yes to any these questions, then boy oh boy, do I have a great little treat for you!

Model:A, by Jef Bambas is the story of an obsolete and rather clumsy robot who breaks free of storage and accidentally blows up half the town as he tries to escape the newer models.  But unlike every other comic I’ve ever read, this one feels exactly like an old silent movie, without the the lame, tinny, piano music track.

There is no dialog whatsoever in this book, and true to classic SLG style, no color either.   What there is, however, is some of the best exaggerated motion, comedic timing, and snigger-inducing bad luck I’ve ever seen in any form of still artwork.  I’ve read through the first two books in the series and honestly, the single negative remark I can make about this comic that there isn’t nearly enough of it.

You can get the first section of book one for free (at the moment) at, but the full books one and two are available on-line at the links below.  I wish I had more links to share, but this thing is so small that I can’t find any.  I bought the books at a local art fair, directly from the artist.  Even though SLG is famous for giving Jhonen Vasquez his first break with JtHM, it’s still a smallish comic publisher.  I fear that this wonderful little gem could get lost without enough support.

So, give the book a read, giggle like a child, and then tell all your friends!  Let’s drag Model:A out of obscurity and get the artist to write more of it!  Are you with me?!

Get the first section for free!

Buy Book One and Book Two on,

or direct from


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