Bright Shiny Announcements that you missed!

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First of all, I’m terribly sorry that this blog has been silent for the last few weeks!  See?  Look how sad the clock is…  My nasty, broken, no-auto-posting blog is just as sad.  We had a talk.  Thing should be running smoothly again, with a weekly blog and an extra picture or two, as of now!  And if it doesn’t run smoothly, we’ll have another talk.  That’s right, I’m looking at you, blog!

Announcement 1!

I’ve quit my day job!  Pop those party popper, break out the music, and hand me a drink!  After trying to juggle a full-time job and a 12 part series, I finally dropped all the balls at my feet and thought “Gee, this is silly.”  I simply had to let something go.  So, bye bye full-time job!  I’m now only working part-time (more on that later) to help pay the bills, and spending most of my time writing and editing my books.  And honestly, as much as I liked my old job and my co-workers there, I finally feel like Twist and I are really getting somewhere!  Expect great things…

Announcement 2!

I got a part-time job with SteamyTech!  You know them, right?  Every good steampunk knows them.  They’re the people who make the wooden geared things that actually work.  Go check out their Esty.  SteamyTech is expanding and trying to get their lovely little toys and wooden bow-ties farther out into the world.  And that means that they need to cut loads of wooden bits on their fancy laser cutter…  That’s right, I now get to play with lasers.  I win!

Announcement 3!

In case you haven’t heard, Clockwork Twist: Waking has been nominated for Best Fiction by the Steampunk Chronicle!  I can hardly believe it, and I’m so honored.  Go check out what else has been nominated for the best of steampunk!  …and maybe, you know, scroll down to the literature section and … you know… (coy smile)  *Whispers* “It’s the ‘best fiction’ one.  Clockwork Twist…”

My mother, the awesome poet JaniceT has also been nominated for her book, Echoes: Neo-Victorian Poetry.  I’m ever so proud.  Voting will close on the 12th.  Just, you know, in case you wanted to know that… *wink, wink*

Announcement 4!

There’s still time to support Clockwork Twist and get sneak previews (and a free copy) of the 3rd book, Clockwork Twist: Dreamer, which will be out later this year!   Inkshares is a new crowdfunded publishing house, that is very excited to help propel the Clockwork Twist series into the world on a much wider distribution than it’s ever had before!
Get in while it’s still new and trendy!  Click here to see the Twist posting.

Wow!  That was a lot that my stupid blog didn’t post about.  Well, now you should be all caught up.  And if I missed anything, I’ll let you know about it all as soon as I remember!  I’m sorry about for the technical issues.  I hope you’ve all had a lovely few weeks as well!