Future Books

Thank you for your interest in the future of our lovely Twist!  I hope you’ll be happy to find out that this series will continue for quite some time.

I’ve decided to write 12 books in this series, starting with Waking in 2013, and Trick in 2014. Not only does that number let me fully explore and expose the story lines as I’ve planned them out, but it’s also one for each hour on a clock face.  How perfect is that?

As of today, 01/14/14, I’ve written the next 6 books in the series, though these books are not yet ready for print.  I’m currently editing the third and fourth books, while still writing the future volumes.

I can also say that “Clockwork Twist, Book Three: Dreamer” is scheduled for release in November 2014!  I’ll be uploading the first few chapters again at the end of this year, as per usual.

I also have plans for a character blog and at least one spin-off series.  As I continue to write, I will post all new information here on this page.  Please join my Facebook page for all of the most up to date information.

Clockwork Twist Facebook

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